Blog Post #1: A picture is worth a thousand words

Construction workers scramble to finish the newest addition to Brookside Downtown in Columbia, Missouri on May 18, 2017. The new complex is located on the corner of Sixth and Elm Street. The new location which has been under construction since last fall is scheduled to open for this upcoming school year.

Wide Blog1
WIDE: Workers use a cherry picker to do exterior work on the some of the higher floors of the new apartment building on May 18, 2017.
Blog 1 Medium Photo
MEDIUM: Workers load pieces of lumber on to a crane to be transported to the higher floors.
TIGHT: A worker digs a hole for plumbing on the sidewalk in front of the new apartment complex on May 18, 2017.
Very Tight Blog 1 File
VERY TIGHT: The new Brookside location will be located on the corner of South Sixth Street and Elm Street.



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