Blog Post #4: Is a source biased?

For this blog, I chose to discuss a New York Times article entitled “Trump Picks Christopher Wray to Be F.B.I. Director” by Glenn Thrush and Julie Hirschfeld Davis, published on June 7, 2017. Aside from a tweet from President Trump and a statement from the White House, the only other source that was used in this article was Alice Fisher, a former Assistant Attorney General. It seems to me that the point of putting Fisher in the article was to support his qualifications for the position. I think a source like that is necessary, I do not, however, think she is the best choice. In the story, Thrush and Davis write that she took over the position of chief of the criminal division of the Justice Department after Wray. The reporters would have been better off finding someone who worked alongside Wray at the Justice Department. It does not necessarily matter who it is, so long as they worked alongside him, they will come across as more credible vouching for Wray’s character than Fisher does.
While hard to get, Chris Christie would have been a great person to talk to about Chris Wray. The two have known each other since they both worked at the Justice Department and Wray recently represent Christie in hearings regarding New Jersey’s infamous “bridge-gate” incident. Given their long history, I think that Christie would give very commentary reviews about Wray. I would have also liked to see some type of reaction to the announcement from workers at the FBI or Justice Department since they are most affected by it. I feel like someone from either of those departments would give an honest assessment of Wray and if they feel that he is the right fit to lead the FBI.

New York Times Article


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