Blog Post #6: The light at the end of the tunnel

I think the three class skills the I feel most confident in are interviewing, video gathering, and video editing. I have always been a very curious person so asking questions has always been second nature to me. My topic throughout this course was veterans which can be a very emotional subject for some people. From the start, I always tried to be as sensitive and respectful as I possibly could be during interviews. It was because of this approach that after interviewing the President of Honor Flight, she invited me to an event and asked multiple veterans who had gone on the most recent flight to speak to me for my story. After using the same approach while interviewing them, every veteran that I interviewed thanked me afterward for being so respectful. When it comes to video gathering and editing, my confidence comes from the fact that I have been working with video in professional newsrooms for the past three years of my life. At a previous tv station that I worked at, I served as a multimedia journalist which meant that I was solely responsible for shooting, producing, and editing my own stories. I believe that this came across in my selection of b-roll in my TV-style and short video. The b-roll that I chose complemented the story that my interview subjects and I were telling. In the short video, I interviewed the director of the Museum of Missouri Military History Charles Machon. As he described the different exhibits and objects on display, I matched up video of those exact things. For example, when Charles talked about the full-size helicopter they have on display, I cut to a sequence of shots of the helicopter. Likewise, with my TV-Style piece, I was able to get b-roll for the story that matched with the story. I think that it is because of how comfortable I am working with video that I was able to so effectively use video to enhance the stories that I told.

As confident as I am in my interviewing and video skills, I think there are also some areas that I can improve upon. Chief among them would be my writing skills, photo editing, and audio editing. It was these three things that gave me the most trouble throughout the course mostly because I have not had as much experience in these areas. One of the hardest things was writing tight and trimming my stories down to fit within the time parameters for each project. I think that the only way that I am going to become a better writer is by continuing to practice more and doing more stories and seeing my professors for more help. In terms of photo and audio editing, the best thing that I can do is to practice as well. I could check equipment out from the Journalism School on my free time and use things in my everyday life such as my friends to become more proficient. Whether it is taking photos of them or recording audio at events that I attend. I have gotten significantly better with all three of these during this course and have built a solid foundation with them. Going forward, it will just be a matter of building on that foundation to become more comfortable with all the different mediums. And I believe that the more comfortable I am, the better journalist I will be.


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